Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things I've learned this week

It was a very busy week. It was an enjoyable week, but a busy week! I learned a lot...

* Plunkett is just as nice a guy as we remembered him being. He is just as thoughtful, talented, and skinny as the last time we saw him. He is also currently on a cruise ship showing off his musical abilities.

*Plunkett is also still as popular as the last time we saw him. We went out to the pub on Saturday, to Dave & Jodi's house for Babyfest 2009 a BBQ on Sunday, dinner at Dawn's house on Tuesday, dinner at Sue & Bob's house followed by a musical performance at the pub on Wednesday. Each time there was a crowd waiting to see the guest of honor!

* I cannot remember the last time I went out six nights in a row. We are too old for this.

* The two most talked about topics as we visited with our friends this week: Facebook and babies. The Irishmen and I tried to stick to Facebook conversations, but it always comes back to babies. Plunkett got to meet a total of nine babies this week.

* Saturday night we were with a group of friends (late 20's okay so that is just me/30's/barely 40) and had wrapped up the evening at about 10:45 when three more friends (50's and 60's) showed up. We reluctantly stayed for another hour or two. The topics of conversation remained Facebook and babies. Hmmm...

* Grandma Betty turned 75 this week. (Happy birthday GB!) Grandpa Boo ordered in food for a party at her house on Monday night. I used to think it was just her cooking I liked, but I think it must be that all food SERVED at my grandparents' house just tastes better. Yummy!

* Given the right conditions, you can recreate a picture from seven years ago. The first was taken during the "Rivers and Rainforest" session at summer camp in 2001. The second was taken in Sue's backyard on Wednesday night.

* Add some work on Photoshop Elements and it gets even better.

* I have a bad habit of leaving Irishmen at the side of the road. I've mentioned before that my husband and I carpool to work and he hops out of the car when we get to the light. Well, Plunkett's boss forgot to leave the key out for him on Thursday night when they took the private jet to Key West. He asked if we could wait until 11pm to drop him off. Plunkett saw my eyes closing during dinner that night wouldn't let us do that, so he had us leave him at the doorstep at about 9:45. I felt bad about doing it, but he has lied to me assured me that he was only waiting for 20 minutes.

* In addition to the late nights, I had morning duty, afternoon duty, and it was my week to write the newsletter. By Wednesday morning the assistant principal started to ask if I was okay because I looked tired. I learned that this is a sign that I should go home early for a nap. She told me that.

* I have a strawberry ready to pick in my Square Foot Garden. Is it considered cheating if I bought the plant with a strawberry on it? I had to wait a week for it to ripen...

* I do not like keeping secrets. If you are gong to have a baby, please do not feel obligated to tell us first. It's okay, really. This one was a surprise. Now you want to know too, huh?

* My students seem not to have learned that cooties yucky germs are an exception to the sharing rule. My throat is on fire hurts. Happy weekend to me!

I am off to curl up with a blanket and watch a movie with my husband. I had a great week and love to learn, but I am hoping next week will be a little quieter!

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Rachel said...

It sounds like you had a busy week! We are getting old, however I don't think either of us were the wild, stay out late types (if I remember.....)