Monday, January 26, 2009


The Irishman and I stopped at Target on the way home from work Friday night. While at the store, we had a converstion that went something like this:

The Irishman: Will you pick up some treats for the boys?

(Note: To get the true effect you must read the Irishman's lines in an Irish accent. You do not have to read them OUT LOUD in an Irish accent - in your head will do just fine...)

Me: I don't know which ones you given them.

(The Irishman goes to pick out the treats and I stay with the cart at the other end of the aisle. There is a woman studying two items on a lower shelf trying to decide which item to get.)

The Irishman: Oh, they only have the little bags.

Me: (From across the aisle) What?

The Irishman: They are out of the big bags.

Me: That's okay. I have a feeling Moses will be on a diet soon.

The Irishman: What? How is Moe going to be on a diet?

Me: He is going to the vet soon and I would not be surprised if the vet puts him on a diet.

The Irishman: WHAT? He doesn't need a diet.

Me: Have you seen him recently?

The Irishman: Cats can't go on a diet!

Me: Yes they can.

The Irishman: No. Cats can't go on a diet!

Me: Yes they can. I am telling you the vet is going to put Moses on a diet.

The Irishman: Not Moses.

Me: Yes Moses!

The Irishman: What? That is just would you...

(We left the kitty aisle at about this time with a small bag of kitty treats.)

The Irishman: I think that the woman picking out kitty litter was laughing at us.

Me: That woman was definitely laughing at us. I think we made her night.

(Side note: I just read this aloud to the Irishman for approval. I looked over and saw Moe's eyes wide. I didn't mean for him to find out that way...)


MN Mom said...

Moe most likely made the diet his New Years resolution any way. Don't we all.......

Shannon said...

Love conversations like that!

Michelle said...

That's hilarious! :) I said the lines outloud for the full effect...good thing the cats are the only ones here to laugh at me!