Sunday, January 25, 2009

"American" Plunkett is Here!

Well, we drove our car to the house to pick up Plunkett. We were presentable. The owners of the house and the Grammy-nominated Irish musician and his wife were all extremely nice. We stood around and chatted for a bit before they handed Plunkett over to us.

Confession: I did try to park behind a very large bush hoping they would not notice my car. It didn't work. They all walked out into the drive way and watched me pull out and drive away. Oh, well. We lived!

Last night we went out with friends. The Irishman organized "American Plunkett Returns" via Facebook. The two most common topics of conversation: Facebook and babies.

The Two Irish Men

Plunkett & the Daddies

Sue surprised us all by stopping by on her way home from the airport!

I did not get pictures of the other side of the table. They were there. You can trust me on that. It was a very late great night. It has been several years since we all got together, and I'd say our conversations have aged changed a bit in that time.

To accommodate the mommies and the babies who want to meet Plunkett, we are going to a BBQ this afternoon. I've baked some Rosemary French bread in my bread maker to bring along. Yum! I love an excuse to make bread!

The Irishman and Plunkett have gone out shopping. The Irishman is driving. He also drove home last night. This is a lot of driving to stress me out for one Irishman. Now let's see if they make it home in time for the BBQ...

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