Saturday, January 24, 2009

Famous Friends of a Friend

This afternoon, the Irishman and I are going to pick up one of the most sought after backing vocalists, piano and fiddle players in Ireland. Our friend Plunkett has finished his first Caribbean cruise with a Grammy-nominated Irish musician and has a week before they head off on the next one. (By the way...Plunkett didn't know about the online bio that I keep referring to, but the Irishman and I have been teasing him about it anyway)

We have been arranging get togethers for everyone to meet up with Plunkett. (All the crowd from summer camp.) The first was supposed to be last night, but Plunkett had to work so it was rescheduled. He is currently staying at a friend of a friend. The owner of this house has a private jet and is friends with Harrison Ford. Seriously.

Plunkett asked if we have GPS so he could send us the address. The Irishman panicked right away. His first question to me was, "Do you think we could borrow a car from someone?" I guess he has a point. We will look a bit out of place driving up in our beat up '99 Ford. Hmm...

The Irishman's second question was, "What will we wear?" Hmm...another good question. I suggested he wear this:

(This picture was cropped to protect the innocent..and because the Irishman wouldn't let me post the original)

Yep. That is Harrison Ford on his socks. My mother-in-law bought the Irishman two pairs of Indiana Jones socks. Need a second look? I thought so.

Okay so the socks might be a bit too much. Maybe he could show up like this:

What do you think?

The owner of the house where we are picking up Plunkett today also invited the musicians to a Panther's hockey game. He told Plunkett he could bring us along. This should be good...

So I am off to finish the last minute preparations for our house guest. I am sure that we will have tales to tell after this week!


Shannon said...

I love me some Harrison Ford but those socks might be a bit much. I'd stick with the Indiana Jones get up. :)

Anonymous said...

You are truly a NUT!! Love your Blog!--Donna Bennett

Jenny said...

The Harrison Ford socks are a bit much, but I am just glad that they do not sing. My in-laws usually give the Irishman singing socks. I frequently plot ways to destroy singing socks...funny how those things disappear!