Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love that Dog

Last year when Grandma Jo got sick, a friend gave me the book Marley & Me to read. I am not sure what made her think that book would be the best thing to read as my grandmother was on her death bed, but I LOVED the book.

The book takes place in our area. The scene where Marley is tied to the table and runs off taking the table with him? That took place at the shopping center walking distance from my grandparent's house. There is SO much in that book that made me laugh.

I was thrilled to find out they were making Marley & Me into a movie. Unfortunately, we were in Ireland when the movie came out. Tonight we finally got to see it. It was not quite as good as the book, but we still loved it.

Morgan and I were trying not to laugh out loud during the scene in Ireland. The only other people in the theater were old more mature, so I had to elbow the Irishman a few times before the people around us started to complain about his laugh. I'm not sure anyone else found that scene quite as funny as we did. He threatened to stand up and tell everyone that Irish people were really not like that. I'm not so sure...

Rafa is so our Marley. He has calmed down a lot, but he is still a rascal. (I may have some posts to come from this.) It was fun to watch. We could really relate to so many parts of the film.

My mom has a firm policy not to read/see any book/movie in which an animal dies. The movie did have its sad moments, but all in all I enjoyed it. We did give the boys extra loving when we got home!

In other news, I got most of my "to do" list completed this weekend. Best of all I got to spend time with the Irishman. Ready or not, the weekend is over. Good night!


MN Mom said...

I am with your mother on that...I too cannot see a movie where the dog dies! As a kid I saw Old Yeller and never got over it. Then several years ago I saw Return to Me, the wife dies-but the dog is so sad and heartbroken I balled through the whole movie and again...scared for life. I will not willingly go to a movie where the dog dies. I read the book and did love it until...well you know the rest!

Shannon said...

Me three! My Mom stole my comment. I guess now we're even.

JustinF said...
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Jessi said...

whoops! I was apparently logged in as my husband
Oh man! I totally agree! If someone starts telling me any stories of animals, I have to tell them, "Please don't tell me if the animal gets hurt."

I'd rather not know.