Friday, August 29, 2008

Tired with a capital T

I am SO tired. Never recovered from last weekend away tired. I look tired. I sound tired. I feel tired.

My husband tried to convince me to drive to Orlando this afternoon after working an 10.5 hour work day. I flatly refused politely provided a counter offer. He too was too tired to argue.

Robert has had a pretty boring trip here so we are going Orlando this weekend. I tried to talk Morgan into going without me for some brotherly bonding. He decided he couldn't go without me. We decided to leave tomorrow either after 4pm Mass or in time to get to Orlando for Saturday evening Mass.

Sunday Cork is playing in some match that has been described as the "priority for the weekend" so the guys will research a yet-to-be-determined pub that will show the Cork match up there. After the 9am game we will head to a yet-to-be-determined Disney park where we will stay until closing. From there we will head to the yet-to-be-determined hotel. Monday we will hit the usual outlet malls before heading back to South Florida in enough time to recover before school on Tuesday.

That is the plan. I am tired thinking about it.

I took a nap when we got home. Morgan called Ireland and was chatting away. I read a little of my book and then fell asleep. When he got off the phone he tried to wake me up. I responded with an obscenity rude comment that shocked even me. I was allowed to sleep until dinner. (I won't complain...Morgan reheated it cooked!)

I am taking sleep seriously tonight. I changed the sheets on the bed and heading that way now. Morgan and Robert are going to the movies. I have no intention of going with them or even being awake when they get back.

(Morgan just came in and discovered that the movie is not until 9:55. He has secretly admitted that he too is wrecked. It has been a long week!)


Shannon said...

With all the "t"ravel you've done this summer, no wonder you're "t"ired!.

Mememememeeeee said...

I HEAR you! It's been a rough start to school. All that sleep in the summer really did me in! :o)