Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cruise Part Four: Cozumel

I did not expect much from Cozumel. My grandmother talked about the wonderful snorkeling she'd done there, so we decided to try that. We looked at the excursions available and we were not sure what to do. At the talk, the cruise director talked about the Catamaran, Snorkel, and Beach Break. He said it was the party boat and you could hear them coming from a mile away. That is not our style, but the nice lady at the shore excursions desk managed to talk us into it.

Much to our surprise, it was one of the highlights of the trip. The crew on the catamaran was fantastic. They can have up to 100 guests on this excursion, but only 35 signed up which gave us all that much more space. They went over the serious safety information and then put on the music and let us go.

The snorkeling was only fair, but I have snorkeled in some world famous places in my life. I did see the largest school of fish I have ever seen which was impressive. After snorkeling they provided us with my favorite Mexican beverage and we got to enjoy drinks and music on the sun deck. I didn't think it could get any better...

Then we got to the beach. It was spectacular. They "parked" the catamaran on the beach and we walked down the steps and away. They had floats, beach chairs, and hammocks available to us free of charge. The only down side was that we only got to spend an hour there. It was amazing. The number of pictures we took here - one became the desktop background as soon as we got home!

After an hour we reluctantly got back on the catamaran after several failed attempts to bribe the crew to let us stay longer! It wasn't all bad though - we went back to the sun deck to enjoy the drinks, the music, and the color of the water. That is the life!

After leaving the crew of The Fury, we headed out to do some shopping. Back on the Valor, we had a quick nap before dinner. I played it safe with an appetizer of fried mozzarella, while Morgan was a bit more adventurous with the Tom Ka Gai. Our main courses brought grilled salmon for myself and a pork chop for the Irishman. I longed for his "Bitter and Blanc" dessert, but decided not to tempt fate with a chocolate headache.

There was no movie at the Seaside Theater because of the big party. It was part of the whole color competition that we wanted nothing to do with, so we took a stroll around the boat before watching Blue Crush in the room. It was a full day so we didn't mind an early night!

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Michelle Bills said...

Those are great pictures! It sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! :)