Friday, August 8, 2008

Cruise Part Three: Belize

The last week before teachers report back to school has been a busy one! I went to Melissa Forney's Writing Superstars Extravaganza all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Add to the mix a two page reflection on a chapter to read in an ESOL book for a course I am taking and company in town and there was not much time for blogging...or reading! = (

So, we pick on our vacation recap in Belize...This was the one stop on the cruise we were most excited about. We'd booked tickets before we left for the private island beach break.

We went up for a quick breakfast before leaving the ship. We could see that the sun was shining and the water was a spectacular shade of blue. We filled our water bottles, grabbed a few mini-boxes of cereal to tide us over and headed down to the tender. We were having flash backs to our boat ride out to the Great Barrier Reef. It was not quite that rough, but I noticed a few green faces!

It became abundantly clear to use that though the sun was shining, the wind was blowing. In order to truly understand the magnitude of this statement you must watch the video below. Let's just say the pictures and the video tell two different stories!

The colors were amazing. There were shades of blue and green like no other. We found two chairs in the shade under a palm tree. Morgan swears he couldn't sleep because he was afraid of falling coconuts. I have pictures that would prove otherwise!

There was a pier that went out to block off the swimming area. After resuming our usual positions (Morgan sleeping and me reading) we went for a swim. I would love to see what the water was like on a day with a little less wind.

After a while we moved the chairs into the water and relaxed as the waves tickled our toes. The huts scattered around the place really added to the tropical feel of beach number 3 of 4 on our vacation.

Back on the boat, it was the second formal night. I do enjoy getting all dolled up. I enjoyed a started of broccoli soup before my shrimp dinner. Morgan savored the escargot followed by spring chicken. We both had a cup of tea as we finished our meal with Baked Alaska. Yummy!

The Seaside Theater feature was No Reservations. I'd seem it with June and Chris in the theater, but it was new to Morgan. Nothing like a lack of options to get my hubby to watch a chick flick. He won't admit it, but I think he enjoyed it.

Next up: Cozumel

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Shannon said...

So how'd you guys do with cruise weight gain? I always here you gain at least 5 pounds!

This is pretty true of any of my vacations, so would it be double on a cruise?!