Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Is it only Tuesday? We got home from Houston at 11pm on Sunday night. Needless to say we are still recovering!

Friday afternoon we got to the airport early. If you know us well, that is no small feat. We were going back and forth between doing park and ride or paying the $12 a day to just park in the garage. Then God stepped in. Actually it may have been Fay. The sky opened and the rain fell. Hard. It was like water balloons hitting the windshield. And then there was the lightening. The now $15 a day parking garage won hands down.

As our luck would have it, we were early and no flights were leaving due to the weather, so we had some time to kill. On the plus side I finished a book, two magazines, and graded my reading & math inventories (that's 38 tests) before we even got off the ground. The down side was we killed the phone batteries and I had nothing left to read once the plane took off. In the end we got to Houston 2 hours behind schedule. Jason and Mom picked us up and took us straight to Pappasitos. Not a shabby way to start the trip!

Saturday we met up with Kristina, Jason, and Brinley for lunch. Kristina is one of my KD friends and I hadn't seen her in a few years so it was great to catch up and meet her little girl. After lunch we met Mom at the mall and helped her pick out Julie's birthday present. (I also dropped MAJOR hints to Morgan about what I would like for my birthday. The nice lady at Brighton even gave him a card with the item number on it.)

Saturday I had a chance to look at the reunion information. Remember the large bag that flew for free full of options to wear? Well the reunion website said the dress was casual, but the information mailed to my mom's house said "business casual/dressy." Hmm...this added a bit to the "What to wear" issue. I wore a brown halter dress that I had figured was the least likely to be worn on this trip. It worked just fine. = ) Morgan looked great as always!

The reunion. Sad but true I got lost on the way there. I have been away from Houston for too long! One of the guys there posted on Facebook afterwards that he was happy he went and even happier that it was over. I think I would agree. I'd say about 1/3 of the class there. I saw people I wanted to see. I saw people I didn't really care to see. There were lots of people who didn't come who I'd have liked to have caught up with. I think we took two pictures the whole night. They were not great shots. Trust me.

I got to catch up with people I had not seen or heard from since graduation. The low part of the evening was when the music started. (They even shut the doors hoping we wouldn't leave.) It was not long after that that the "party bus" left to go to another local establishment where beverages were not $6 each. While there were things that could have been better about the reunion, it was a nice excuse to fly to Houston.

I did have to laugh though because my Mom wanted to know the scoop on everyone when we got home. I got on the computer and showed her Myspace and Facebook pages for various people she was curious about. Then I showed her my brother's pages. Proud moments, lol.

(Okay so this picture doesn't really go here, but it is almost impossible to get all three dogs in one shot so I had to add it to this post anyway!)

Sunday we went to Kemah after Mass. I had not been there in ages. We had lunch at Landry's and then walked around a bit. My two favorite stops were still there: The Christmas store and the Kandy store. Morgan was thrilled. He got a Christmas fix and an English candy bar. I do find it funny though that this is possibly the best picture of the trip! In August!

The flight home was uneventful. We were ready this time with extra phone batteries, but the Southwest terminal in Hobby had plugs everywhere, so we didn't need the extra batteries like we should have had at FLL. Live and learn. We got to bed at midnight and were up the next morning at 5:45 am. Good times.

Last night we took Robert, Morgan's younger brother to Cheeburger Cheeburger. He once again finished the one pound burger. Morgan and I had to rush off to a Catechist meeting at church so we didn't wait for them to take his picture for the wall of fame. I figured this would be just as good. Or not. Too late now!

Let's see - what else. We are monitoring Gustav. Morgan was a bit disappointed to be out of the cone of terror. (I think he just wanted another day off work!) Now it is looking like it will become a monster and head in the general direction of Houston. Not good!

Right now Morgan and his brother are playing tennis and going for a swim. My brother and I are sending text messages back and forth. So much for our 10:00 pm bedtime! Maybe tomorrow...


Rachel said...

It sounds like you had a nice visit to Houston! I think that HS reunions, especially this 10-year one, are kind of like that. Good to see people, but not really much to say to a whole lot of people!

Mememememeeeee said...

I missed mine...I'm okay with that. I "see" them on myspace and facebook anyways! It's like we never parted! :o)

Shannon said...

Pappasitos, Kemah - if you would have eaten some Kolaches for me, I totally could have lived vicariously through your trip!