Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cruise Part Three: Roatan, Honduras

At the excursion talk on board, the cruise director advised everyone that Roaton was NOT one of those places to try to explore on your own. Then the shopping guru stood up and said not to worry about shopping at this port, you should go to the beach. They identified Coral Cay as the quieter of the two beaches. Now party people we are not, so we booked our tickets.

I LOVE this beach. Adore it! I did not want to leave this beach. We were impressed as we got there with the view and the glorious blue color of the water. We picked out a chair each under the shade of a palm tree. (After the previous days sun exposure we were being careful!)

As we were swimming away giddy about how wonderful the whole thing was, another gentleman swimming out just past us found a live conch shell. And then another. He was so excited he came over to let us hold it. A little bit later another snorkeler found a star fish. Someone spotted a sting ray.

Now, I know some of you enough to know that you are thinking that you could do without the ocean creatures. I will tell you that one of the two of us (he shall remain nameless) is also not a fan of non-human creatures in his swimming area, but it was so beautifully crystal clear and the aforementioned creatures were there but far enough away that we didn't have any unsolicited close encounters, so it was pretty spectacular.

We swam until we got tired of it. We took turns with the camera. Morgan slept. I read. We went for another swim. We enjoyed the tropical music in the background. It was unreal.

They had shuttles back to the boat every hour. We'd planned to leave fairly early in the afternoon, but in the end we stayed as late as we could without missing dinner. (I LOVED the beach, but I am yet to meet a beach worth missing dinner for!)

After a while we tore ourselves away snapping pictures the whole way back to the shuttle. All evening we looked back through the pictures and talked about how this was only beach number 2 of 4. I loved this vacation.

Dinner started with veggie tortellini. Morgan started with the fried shrimp. We both dined on the Fillet Mignon and finished up with apple pie. After a quick stop in the cabin to change and check our the towel animal/newsletter we went up to see Borne Ultimatum. What a day!

Next up, Belize.


Michelle Bills said...

That sounds absolutely amazing! I also love the beach, so thanks for sharing your stories and pictures. :)

Shannon said...

Sounds blissful! Love the photos as always. I can't wait to use the slide show one of these days - first I need a good subject - hmmm... wonder what that could be!

Mememememeeeee said...

What beautiful weather you had! It stormed when we were in Roatan.