Friday, August 1, 2008

Cruise Part Two: Grand Cayman

As I'd mentioned before, this was our second time on the same ship. Our last cruise made three stops. This time we hit four ports of call. Now those of you who have cruised before know about the debate between paying for an excursion and doing it on your own.

To understand our situation, there are two things you must know about Morgan and myself. We are not the most adventurous, and we can travel on a budget. Seriously. We will do what we need to to get the most out of vacation. The stories I could tell about Australia...

Several years ago I went to Cayman on my family's cruise for GB & GB's 50th anniversary. On that occasion I joined my cousins for snorkeling, the beach, and lunch. So, thinking about my experiences at this port of call and the expense of paying for 4 shore excursions, we decided to not do an organized trip. Our goal for this trip was to crash out on as many beaches as possible. I think we chose well!

We started out walking around. Morgan wanted to open an account in a Cayman bank, but he settled for a picture outside one of the many banks. (See the above budget reference!) We walked around and then took the $4 taxi to the beach. Nice!

The weather was ever so slightly rough, but the beach was lovely. We got to try out the "beach" setting on the camera. (Have I mentioned how much fun I had with the new camera?)

In typical fashion, Morgan fell asleep. In typical fashion he denied really being asleep. "I'm just resting my eyes..." Well, I have the proof!

Oops! Grand Turk was our last cruise. Let's try that again!

Notice a difference? That's more like it!

We really liked the sand at the beach in Cayman. We went to four beaches on this trip and became quite particular! As Morgan mentioned, it was roasting hot. Thankfully we'd brought our own PBA-free water bottles and filled them on the boat.

Even though we put on our sunscreen, we were both a little red in spots. I was in a panic. This was beach #1 of 4! The rest of the week I used the good factor 40 we bought in Australia! I made it back to Florida looking nicely sun kissed and not fried. (I consider that an accomplishment.)

We got back to the boat in time for lunch and then...the always much anticipated dinner! Tuesday night brought French Onion soup. I enjoyed the pork, while Morgan feasted on braised beef ribs. We finished it off with New York Cheesecake before heading out to watch Elizabeth on the Seaside Theater.

Back in our cabin I again fell asleep watching 27 Dresses. It is one of those movies that I have really enjoyed, but only seem to watch when I am exhausted and not really up for a movie. Maybe next time!

After a great day in Grand Cayman we were off to Roatan, Honduras.


Mememememeeeee said...

Yay! That was great! Can't wait to hear about Roatan. We did NOT have a good time there. :o( Hope yours was better!

Leslie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Caymans. It rained on us when we were there. Did you know that is where The Firm was filmed?

Michelle Bills said...

LOL... love the videos of Morgan. The first one reminds me of videos I've taken of my husband. :)