Thursday, August 14, 2008

Routines? What routines?

I starting FLY-ing in February. We'd had a rough couple of months and needed something. I shined my sink and got the house and our lives back in order. It made a big difference. We made little changes and got into a nice routine.

On the way home from work today Morgan admitted that he misses our routines. We went on the cruise and have had company (that we love by the way!) and changes in work schedule and the Olympics to watch. It is all great, but not routine friendly. No regular bed time, menu planning, and the like.

Which would be why I have not updated much. That and I have had guests in my guest room/computer room. So instead of writing my paper tonight, I am going to catch you up on what non-routines we've been up to...

I can't remember if I wrote about Morgan's sisters leaving, and I am too lazy right now to look back at it, so forgive me if I repeat myself. We hit all the usual haunts while they were here: the pool, the mall, Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, Carrabba's, etc. I really look forward to the summer visit. It is nice to out number Morgan... bring on the chick flicks!

This weekend I did some major cleaning and cooking. Morgan was again captivated by the ever popular Padraig Harrington at the PGA Championship. He watched it on the couch with his cell phone and the landline phone right next to him. Every 20-30 minutes he called his father in Ireland and they would talk about Padraig's latest shot. It was comical to watch. For a while. Then I remembered that it is still golf and I could go read my book for a couple of hours and still catch the end. Small doses!

Monday I had a mentors meeting at school and then picked up Noel at the Tri-Rail station. Noel is one of Morgan's friends from college. He is Irish, but is currently working in Oslo, Norway. He leaves tomorrow night to catch up with some friends from his previous job before heading back across the pond. Right now he and Morgan are downstairs now playing the new Olympic game on the Wii. I am about to head down to see the actions behind the shouts!

School starts Tuesday, so I have been busy getting my classroom together. It is getting there! I have cleaned areas of the room I had not properly gone through in the last 5 years. I am quite pleased with myself!

My brother-in-law, Robert flies in Monday night. We usually look forward to having guests because it is the only time we eat out...but I think we are both looking forward to some home cooking!

I think that is about it for now. I'll save my story about my embarrassing phone call to Ireland for the next post...

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