Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cruise - Part One

As promised, here is the first part of our vacation. It was a seven day cruise and we had a brand new camera, so I am not going to try to fit it all in at once. Besides, it is summer. I have nothing else to write about! = )

Our vacation started like it usually does. We were up WAY too late the night before packing and promising that this would be the last time we wait until the last minute to pack. You'd think we'd have learned by now! Morgan was particularly stressed...all because of Padraig Harrington. We would be leaving for Miami during the final day of the British Open. Morgan actually went to 7:30am Mass so that he could watch Padraig tee off. (His sister and I went at 9:00)

We got to the TriRail station just as the train was coming. We let June & Christina use the car for the week, so we took the train to the airport and then took a taxi to the port. They built a nice new terminal since the last time we cruised. Check in was uneventful.

As soon as we got on board Operation Find-a-TV began. As luck would have it, the Bronx Bar was showing the British Open and Morgan got to see Padraig win. What a way to start the week!

Now dinner on the ship is one of our favorite things about cruising. We look forward to it each night. I had a wonderful asparagus soup and tilapia that looked a little scary (garnished with peas, yuck!) but was absolutely tasty! Morgan started with a pasta dish and had the New York strip as his main. Desert brought creme brulee (one of my favorites!) and black forest gateau.

Monday was a day at sea. Morgan slept in. I read the instruction book for our new camera and played with the features. I am very happy with our purchase! We had a late lunch because we started watching Alvin and the Chipmunks in the room. We decided it was our vacation and we could do nothing if we wanted to!

As is the case for all of our summer vacations to the Caribbean, we had a run in with a hurricane. For most of Monday we were feeling the outer bands of the Tropical Storm Dolly. The adult pool on the Valor has a retractable roof though, so we sat by the pool and pretended the weather was nicer.

We learned last time that you can view the dinner menu on the TV in your room. It was the first thing we did each morning. Sad, but true! Monday was the first formal night so we spent the rainy afternoon getting all dressed up. I started with a pumpkin soup while my other half began his meal with stuffed mushrooms. We both had lobster - Morgan had been anxiously awaiting this meal! Cherries Jubilee (J) and Caramelized Apples (M) were enjoyed with some tea.

We went on the same ship two years ago on a different itinerary. One of the best changes they'd made was adding the Seaside Theater. Morgan hates the after dinner shows. It doesn't matter if it is a musical production, a comedy act, or a juggler it is not his thing. So the Seaside Theater was perfect for us. We went up to the top deck and sat out on the chairs watching a different movie each night. The week started with the light hearted movie Game Plan.

We went to bed fairly early with visions of Grand Cayman dancing in our heads...


Michelle (McCombs) Bills said...

I always tell myself that I need to comment once I get caught up with your blogs, but never do.... So this time I am making sure to do so because I know how much I appreciate it on mine. Thanks for letting me see a part of your life thru them. You are a great writer and I love your pictures! I've been lazy in my posts this year because of all of the wedding planning. Reading your posts makes me want to do a better job! Thanks again, hope your week is going well!

If you are at all interested in reading my blog the address is:

Mememememeeeee said...

I LOVE cruising! Can't wait for the rest. BTW, Morgan is so CUTE! Hahahaha! :o)

Leslie said...

I love cruising. I've been on 3, and the food is definitely the best part. As soon as I heard about the hurricane, I immediately thought of you guys being out on the sea. Glad you weren't too badly affected. Can't wait to see more pics.