Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Lately Caitlin loves to come up to us and ask, “Play?”


She prefers if we come to play with her, but she will settle for some time by herself in her play area. The Irishman was watching me play with her before she left for school the other morning and he snapped this picture.


I’d just showered and gotten dressed, but Caitlin found my Cookie Monster sleep shirt and she insisted I put it on over the shirt I was wearing. She got an apron as a gift from Grandpa Eric and Sandra, so I put on my apron to show her how the whole apron and oven mitt thing works. I was just modeling the behavior…but the Irishman thought it was a look worth sharing.

You can see in the picture she is holding the phone from her kitchen. She will say, “Ring, Ring! Ring, Ring!” and then pick up the phone. It is always Daddy or June who call on the play phone. My favorite is when she holds the phone up against her shoulder – it requires that hand to be held straight up in the air – and says, “Uh, huh. Daddy? Uh, huh. Bye!” She is a character!


This morning Caitlin was the one wearing the Cookie Monster sleep shirt. It was really cute, but she was not loving the camera. When she IS feeling photogenic she will say,”Cheese” and put her hands on her forehead like this:

We still haven’t figured out what that is about!
She is growing up so much!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Do you hold your camera up to your face to take a picture? Maybe she's making like a camera shape up by her face?