Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of Caitlin’s new favorite games involves sitting in the box and piling ALL of the blocks on top of herself. She then gets up, dumps the box over, and repeats the process. Silly girl!





Side note: I’m over the paci. Before Sean she only used it in the car and at Mass. Now she also takes it when she finds one or when she gets upset. Or when she asks for it. Or just because she can. Speaking of asking…we have always used multiple names for the darn thing. I call it a pacifier or a paci. The Irishman calls it a Dummy or a Dodo (Long o sound like dough dough). Caitlin has decided it is a dodo. She asks for a dodo when she gets in trouble/upset and she looks for Sean’s dodo when he is crying. That might be my least favorite name for the thing. My mom pointed out it though that is slightly better to point to Sean and say, “Dodo?” than to point to him shouting, “Dummy!”

Another note: Caitlin is getting picky about her PJs. Most nights she will only wear these Elmo PJs. We can sometimes talk her into Minnie Mouse. The problem is she is outgrowing them (she is already into 3T!)  and I cannot find short sleeve replacements. We are FAR from long sleeves here in South Florida. Oops. It looks like she may be squeezing into them until the spring!

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