Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Month

Sean was one month old last Thursday. He is growing up so very fast! The newborn clothes are packed away and the three month clothes are just fitting him in length. I think I am going to have to pick up some onesie extenders. He has lots of room in the width, but he is already stretching the clothes length wise!


Sean is a very easy going baby. He eats and sleeps well. He is a champion diaper filler. We actually took a trip to the pediatrician because we were worried that he was going too often. As the doctor asked me how much was in each diaper, Sean let one rip that could have been heard in the waiting room. The boy has timing!


He is not crazy about his car seat or the swing. He loves the bouncy chair and his travel cot. He will take a paci (if his sister doesn’t steal it from him) but he is not quite as aggressive a sucker as Caitlin was so it usually doesn’t last long. As with Caitlin I have imposed my strict no paci at bedtime rule. That’s just my thing…

We have been going to bed pretty late, so he only gets up once or twice between eleven and seven. He is a noisy sleeper though and getting worse! Last night I listened to him fussing and was sure he was awake and hungry only to look over and find that he’d gone back to sleep with his eyes shut tight. We repeated this every fifteen minutes or so for an hour or two. I was exhausted by the time he really did decide he was hungry!


At his one month appointment Sean measured 23 inches long and 10 pounds, 10 ounces. The doctor didn’t give me the percentiles, but when I looked it up online it looks like that would be the 75th percentile for height and 50the percentile for weight. He got one shot and is otherwise healthy and happy!

For comparison, here is his photo from one week:


It is funny because everyone is saying that he looks so much like Morgan. When Caitlin was born, everyone told us she looked just like me. Looking back at the pictures, they look a lot alike!


So far he seems to be easy going like Caitlin – and good at eating and sleeping. As the doctor said today, “It looks like you got a good one there!” I think we’d all agree with that!

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