Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday Blessings

I’d planned to post this morning but I had a hard time getting to the computer. Instead here is a recap of my day:

Sean and I spent the morning cleaning up and getting ready to meet the Irishman for lunch. Okay, maybe I took a shower and did as many chores as I could in between Sean’s naps, but you know what I mean.

I also ordered my birthday present. (Dad, Sandra, and Julie all contributed towards it) I’ve spent all week trying to decide WHICH Ergo to order. I researched the different styles. I priced it at a number of different stores. I finally picked out a gray one with stars from Amazon. With my Amazon Mom free two day shipping it should be here on Saturday. I can’t wait!

I meant to take a picture of my birthday lunch dates, but I forgot. This is a photo from when Sean and I met the Irishman for lunch last week. I love that he is holding onto his tie.


Sean and I got home and I had plans to work around the house. I had laundry to do. I was going to tag items for the big consignment sale next week. I’d researched a recipe for a pumpkin cake I was ready to make. Instead Sean and I napped on the couch. It was wonderful! We slept for about 2 hours.

Soon after we woke, the Irishman and Caitlin came home with an ice cream cake. Caitlin is just starting to understand the whole birthday cake concept. The Irishman lit the candles and sang, “Happy Birthday.”


Caitlin helped me blow out the candles…sort of. We actually did it twice. Just because.


She enjoyed it!


Side note: I desperately need to clean my cameras. A certain almost-two-year-old recently decided she also wants to be a photographer. I found some of her handy work when I uploaded pictures tonight.


I wonder who took these pictures? Who would let their child run around with such a dirty face?


I think there may be some fingerprints on the lens that are making things a little blurry. You can still get the idea though!


It was a day of birthday blessings!

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Michelle said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday. And getting to take a two hour nap snuggling with your baby sounds like a much better way to spend the afternoon especially on your birthday!

I really like the pictures that Miss Caitlin took for you on your camera. They are keepers! :)