Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fancy Nancy

The other night Caitlin was playing around before her bath. She found the leis we got from our trip to Disney. Our little Fancy Nancy* paired them with her pink Minnie Mouse glasses. She was running around and wouldn’t stand still – it was all part of the game.


She is a toddler though. Notice the white stuff on her leg? That would be the baby lotion she got into. There were tears when I took it away. The last picture there? That is when I wouldn’t hand over my good camera to her lotion covered hands. (You can see the greasy lotion marks on her glasses!)


In the end she agreed to pose with her “friends.”



She’s our little Fancy Nancy!

*To those of you who may not be up on your children's literature, Fancy Nancy is a book character who likes to dress up. Click here to see the similarities!

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Michelle said...

Love the pictures of your Fancy Nancy. Even the ones where she is upset. It's nice to hear that my little one is not the only one that can be having fun one minute and having a melt down the next. She looks like she's having a blast and has quite the little personality! :)