Saturday, May 22, 2010

On the Bright Side

Even though:
The cold bug has hit our house...and Caitlin has kindly shared her germs with us. (I thought foolishly that I has escaped, but I can feel it coming on now.) I only have 13 days of school left...but I have lost ALL motivation. In my trunk I have a box of poetry notebooks to grade that must finally be dealt with this weekend. My lesson plans are due on Monday. I have to meet with the principal on Monday to do my evaluation on Monday and haven't even started getting my paperwork together. (Or figuring out how to show I met my goals from last year when I took off three months to have a baby instead.) I have the ever dreaded morning duty next week...which means an extra stress each morning as I am running late. The sheets need changing, the floors...yuck! Our floors are bad. The neighbor's cat may get eaten buy the weeds in our patio...although that cat keeps harassing ours through the window so that might not be a bad thing.  Speaking of cats...the litter box needs to be cleaned. I need to make a vet appointment for Rafa. Speaking of appointments, the Irishman and I both need to go to the dentist. We also to find a new doctor who has not switched to geriatrics. I desperately need a haircut and my eyebrows...ick. There is still a pile of thank you cards to write...and a pile that just need to make it to the mailbox. Speaking of piles, I may not have to make an appointment for Rafa if he gets eaten by the pile of clean laundry in our bedroom that needs to be put away. I am SO ready for the summer...but we have to figure out vacation plans for the much longed for summer. Then there are car seats and baby gates to research and purchase.  Did I mention a sick baby and husband?

 If you are still reading this I am truly sorry.

Even with all of that swirling in my head,
 I am going to look on the bright side.

I know God won't give me anything I can't handle.
I just wish he didn't trust me so much.

-- Mother Teresa

It is Saturday morning and
I get to spend the weekend with
Caitlin and the Irishman.

I love my family....
germs, snot, and all!
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Meredith & Brett Hagedorn said...

This post made me smile and laugh out loud!! I guess because I'm a mom too. Hang in there you're almost out for summer break and will be spending each and every day with your sweet girl!! All the rest will get done... :)

Michelle said...

Don't worry the most important things will find a way to get done and the rest can wait. I'm slowly learning that if it doesn't hurt you or your baby or jepordize your marriage or your job it can wait. Like putting away clean laundry (at least it's clean!), pulling weeds, writing thank you notes, and mopping the floor. And your very big bright side is that in less than two weeks you will be on summer vacation with Caitlin!!! Hang in there, my friend!