Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bird Bath and Helping Haiti

I am teaching alliteration this week at school...can you tell?  It is an odd title, but that is how the post ended up. Trust me...


A friend gave us this bath long ago. She had not even used it with her boys, so it was still in the box. Caitlin is still wobbles a little, but she is sitting with less and less support and was rapidly outgrowing the other baby bath we were given.

The new tub was a hit. It is just the right size and gives the right support...and it quacks when you squeeze the beak. What more can you ask for?


I had this post saved for a morning like this one. The pictures are from last week and I swear the baby has gotten bigger again this week!


Last night was our big grade level service learning project. It went extremely well. I'd hoped that we would raise $1,000 for Haitian Earthquake relief efforts. When the last of 6 quilts of student work was auctioned off at $600, I knew we'd surpassed that goal!

I made a sign yesterday that said, "This seat is reserved for the Irishman and Baby Caitlin." We had a quick turn around time. I had to pick the baby up from day care, swing by the house to change my clothes and refill the diaper bag and food containers, and then hand the baby off to the Irishman all in a 2 hour time period. He brought her into his office and fed her rice cereal and applesauce before meeting us at the event. Brave man!

For all my worries about it, she did well! She didn't sleep much, but she didn't scream or anything, so it worked. My students and co-workers were thrilled to see her. A quick bath in her duck tub and a top up feed when we got home and she was back on schedule.

As for me? I'm exhausted. We did it though and it was for a good cause. At the end of the night we raised a little over $2,200 for the American Red Cross International Response Fund. There was a buzz in the was a great night!
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Heather said...

I like alliteration, especially when it comes to names. BB had the same bathtub and he loved it. We were so sad when he outgrew it. I can't believe how big Caitlin has grown already!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Cute duckie tub and perfect for Miss Caitlin's bathroom too!