Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Food, Baby Food

I am a first time mommy. I research things. A lot. I had five different books about getting your baby to sleep. (I only last week decided that it was safe to post 3 of the five on Paperback Swap) I drove the Irishman crazy researching major purchases...the crib...the mattress...the stroller. My current research obsessions are baby gates and convertible car seats.

I knew solid food was coming up. I knew my plans for the first meal. I hadn't thought past that.
Saturday was great, but then I panicked. How much now? How often? What comes after rice cereal? I like the 4 day-rule for introducing new foods, but if we start mid-day then she will be trying new things at day care...and I don't like that either. Carrots are next on the list, but what was it I read about nitrates...

Breastfeeding is so much easier...not that I don't own three or four different books about that, too!

I've spent the week reading Save Our Sleep and Super Baby Food every chance I get. At school I announced that we would all spend the 15 minutes before lunch exceptions. The reading research suggests that students should view their teacher as a reader...even if it is frantically reading about baby food!

Saturday the Irishman and I made homemade organic apple puree during Caitlin's morning nap. He peeled the apples (I am beyond hopeless at that...) and we steamed and pureed them. We stored them in ice cube trays in the freezer so we would have single portions of apple for the week. At noon we were so pleased to share the meal with Caitlin.

She was less than impressed.

In fact the Irishman finished the apple puree himself. It was really tasty!

At dinner we decided to try mixing the apple with the rice cereal. I had forgotten to leave out a serving of our homemade apple puree, so I used a jar I'd bought to have on hand in case we needed it.

She wouldn't even let me have the spoon. She LOVED it. That is her FOOT kicking away my hand. I'm hoping it was the rice cereal that made the difference and not the fact that it came from a jar...

Let the fun begin!
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Rosemary said...

When I was Nanny, I would puree ALL of the food myself. The baby was a picky eater until one day, by mistake, I noticed that if I "shared" her food with her, she was more than willing to eat! For instance, I would make us both sweet potatoes, but mine would have butter and brown sugar added whereas hers was plain. She thought we were both eating the same food and would devour hers! She just wanted to feel like a big girl too!

Rachel said...

She is growing up so fast! I can't believe she is eating big girl food!

One thing that helped me (especially with foods that the kids didn't like) was to mix it with Rice Cereal or Breastmilk (or even another food that they did like).

Good luck, and have fun during this time! It can seem pretty time consuming (compared to the bottle), but I think the daddies like to help so much during it.

We missed you this weekend!

Michelle said...

The pictures from the first try crack me up! :) What a face! She definately didn't like her first try. ;) Thanks for filling me in on your research for sleeping and for all of your encouragement this week! It's the one thing I didn't think to research.

Agate Lake Girl said...

It's probably the jar. Rylee hated everything delicious that my Mom and I pureed for her. But if it was bland, horrible, Gerber - delish!