Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Gift

Two posts in one day...this is rare!

For the second week in a row we made it to Mass as a family of three. We got there late at about the same time as usual. The first week we panicked and went straight for the cry room instead of looking for a place to sit. We were a bit calmer this week though and Miss Caitlin slept through the whole Mass with the big people. (Although we stayed close to the cry room...just in case!)

During a quite moment, the Irishman leaned over and reminded me that one year ago we were in New York on our way to Ireland for Christmas. In particular we'd gone to Mass at St. Patrick's. During Communion that day we were led around the church and ended up in front of the nativity scene (or creche, or crib, or whatever you call it where you live). We both had the same thing on our was a Holy Spirit moment. After Mass we went over and lit candles. We prayed together for a baby as we had for the previous 18 months.

One year later we were sitting in Mass with our little baby girl. It is the best gift of all!


MN Mom said...

God's greatest gifts of all-the children. We are truely blessed as well. Give Caitlin a hug and kiss for me.

sheri said...

Oh Jenny. I literally have tears rolling down my cheeks! God blesses us in so many ways - I'm glad you and Morgan are able to remember that moment with fondness.