Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

Pictures, pictures, pictures...
I have enough posts to schedule for the next week and a half...and that doesn't include Christmas day! Here is a quick look at what we have been up to for the last couple of days.

On Christmas Ever we went to visit a 100 foot Christmas tree in our area. We try to take Caitlin for a walk each day, so we figured this was a nice way to start the Christmas celebrations! After a last minute stop at Target and showering and getting all dressed up we headed to GB & GB's to join the family for dinner. We visited for the evening and joined everyone else for to 10pm Mass...and Caitlin slept the whole time. (Although we did walk around the church with the stroller before Mass began to help our cause!)

Once home, Caitlin dozed while Daddy made himself a sandwich and a glass of Tanora...the tradition continues even across the pond! Then we left out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa. Daddy read "The Night Before Christmas" to Caitlin before we all went to bed.

Caitlin gave the first present of the day...she slept from midnight until 7am. We were quite surprised! Santa was good to us all. After opening our loot, we set up the web cam and talked to the Irishman's family in Cork. (Morgan even led grace for their Christmas dinner!) While Morgan and Caitlin napped on the couch I played with my new toys...let's just say we have a clean floor!

After a lazy afternoon we went back to GB & GB's. Grandma enjoyed fussing over her newest great-granddaughter. Caitlin enjoyed it, too. Let's just say she hasn't lost her touch!
When we got home I realized that we never took a family Christmas picture. We tried to use the timer feature on the camera...not quite what I was hoping for, but oh well!
It was a wonderful Christmas...a special one this year for sure!

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Kellie said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas! Have a great New Year, too!