Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Mommy Wants...

I almost hate to put this in print, but after these pictures were taken we had several silent nights. We are at four nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep from midnight to 7am...and I am not taking it for granted! Even if it doesn't last these pictures were fun. Thank you to Dawn for the onesie!
Edited to Add: Fitting that this was scheduled to post today. Last night was her worst night yet...we tried unsuccessfully to get her to bed from 10 to about 3...although once down she slept until 8. Thank goodness Daddy is off work and able to help out!
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MN Mom said...

Sometimes a silent night is all you need!

Kellie said...

I hope she gets back to a good sleeping schedule for you soon! My little boy's favorite song right now is Silent Night and he has me sing it to him every night. Then every night I pray that they will all sleep through the night and give me silence!