Tuesday, December 15, 2009


At Caitlin's doctor appointment last week we asked about a lingering diaper rash. (Thrilling I know...as my mom said...welcome to motherhood!) The doctor gave us two different prescription creams for it.

Which it turns out took a while to fill because my employer did not pay my insurance premiums last month and so they had suspended my coverage...not what you want to discover at 8pm while trying to pick up prescription diaper cream. After a trip to the very crowded post office, several phone calls, and writing a check to my employer for the money they neglected to take out of my already suffering paycheck, they issued an emergency reinstatement of coverage...all for diaper cream.

We used the creams all weekend...and things got worse. So yesterday I called back and they said to bring her back to the pediatricians office. The nurse asked how long it would take us to get there. I told her it would be my first solo trip with the baby...she thought I was being cute...I was referring to the chance of us being punctual. (Not that I have difficulties in that department anyway)

The doctor took one look at her and told me to stop the creams. It is a contact burn...caused by the acidic foods in my diet. I have a list of things to avoid. And I am to limit dairy.

We don't drink soda, but I am all about the 100% juice. She said to look for things with 10% juice max...I guess I'll be drinking water! I have lovely apples and oranges in the fridge. All of those meals we froze for "after the baby comes"? All tomato based. I am a bit bummed...I will change my eating habits for the sake of the baby's bum, but yuck! Add to that the fact that my migraines seem to be back so I am also back to no chocolate, peanut butter, or caffeine. (I am left with a breakfast of water, whole wheat toast, and a banana. Fun times!)

The diet I can live with, but the worst part of all? No baby wipes. I am supposed to rinse her bum under warm water in the sink. The doctor did it in the office. Caitlin looked so calm and comfortable. It looked so easy.

My first attempt resulted in poopy pants...my pants, her poop. Holding a wet, wriggling baby over the sink is NOT as easy as the doctor made it look. My sinks are NOT near the changing areas. (So my solution of putting a changing pad on the kitchen table...let's just say there was some disinfecting going on...try not to think of that the next time you come to dinner at our house!)

Caitlin goes through a LOT of diapers...2-3 per feeding at 7-8 feedings per day. I should be a pro at this by tonight...I hope!


Brittany Ann said...

Oh my! Rinsing her off with every change! That's definitely enough to make you Mom of the Year! Good luck, dear friend!

MN Mom said...

I can sympothize since we have been going through unbelievable Mud Butt troubles along with yeast and rash, with Rylee for a month and a half...& not done yet. At least she is little. My suggestion would be: buy a rubbermaid dish pan-you can buy them at dollar stores for a buck. Then buy a bunch of cheap wash rags. Every time you are going to change her fill the pan with warm water, take the pan to where you usually change her, and in one arm kind of hold her in the water and rinse, even use the wash cloths to help. Should be more sanitary than the kitchen. Easier too. Meanwhile, I will pray that the food change will make it go away quickly!
The silver lining...you will be getting back into your pre-preggo weight fast.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Hang in there. I'm sure she'll heal up soon now that you know what to (or in this case not to) eat. :)

Michelle said...

You poor Mommy! :( I do hope your diet change helps her quickly so that the both of you don't have to go through this for long! I also hope your migraines lessen soon!! Praying for you.

Basham said...

Oh no! Things will look up soon! You are a pro mommy and will get the hang of this new diaper changing step soon! Sending good wishes that your migraines stay at bay..that is what terrifies me the most about having kids.