Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Boat Parade

This weekend we were invited to Sue's house for dinner and then the boat parade. We got there as the others started walking to the parade, but we ate, fed Caitlin, and caught up quickly. We had a "Florida Cold Snap" just before this so we even got to bundle up!

There was not much room for stroller parking at the viewing area...and we had three strollers in our we put Caitlin in the wrap for the parade. She was snug as a bug. All that you could see were her little Santa hat and reindeer feet. Sue (in the top right corner) required everyone in the bleachers to say, "Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!" to each boat that passed. Is it any wonder she and the Irishman get along so well!

It was a great night and I nice way to kick off the Irishman's Christmas holidays. Caitlin and I are enjoying our two weeks off with Daddy!
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Jessi said...

Is that a Moby wrap? Do you like it? I've got a few different kinds but always wanted one like that.

Jenny said...

It is just like the Moby..."The Ultimate Baby Wrap." So far I really like it. It is easy enough to get her in it, but a little tricky getting her out!