Friday, July 31, 2009

Upside Down

I thought about posting the next batch of Disney pictures. The thought of it made me want to take another a nap.

My house has been turned upside down. There is actually a desk literally upside down on my coffee table. Things took a turn for the worse two days ago after I finally purchased paint. My dad called us upstairs where he showed us that the wall texture was peeling off. The layers of paint/texture were so think it looked like wall paper. In fact we found that one wall in the room used to be lipstick pink. The wall next to it? A turquoise color with splashes of pink.

That meant that "we should be ready to paint by this afternoon or early tomorrow" didn't happen. It took all day yesterday to get the gunk off the walls. The last 6 hours have been spent sanding and prepping for paint.

I am currently being lulled to sleep by the sound of sanding and a shop vac. (With every song ever recorded by Chicago blasted from Dad's iPod through my now very dusty speakers.)

When he came down for lunch, my father looked like he had bathed in white chalk dust. I was going to put the clothes I washed on the clothesline and then noticed the dust pouring out of the upstairs sliding glass door. My otherwise green patio umbrella has fine white layer on top. (I wonder if I can convince the Irishman that it is Florida snow?)

This morning I was promoted. In addition to my duties as cook, they added errand girl. I bought the wrong shop vac filter. After my second trip out, I cheated. I served Home Depot hot dogs for lunch. Yep. You read that right. It was classy.

The cats are following my every move. They are not fond of the noises or the "strangers" who have entered their houses. I was told Rafa cried like a baby when I left for my second trip to Home Depot. Not sure I can blame him!

So...I am off to hide again. I am dreaming of a put together house with a computer desk and a green nursery. Someday soon...


MN Mom said...

It will happen and it will be wonderful! And by the way I think Home Depot hot dogs are classy! (Does that make me trailor trash?)

Agate Lake Girl said...

Ah, the joys of home renovations...