Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Road Again!

It is well documented that I love to travel...but I HATE to pack!

The Irishman and I are heading to Disney for a couple of days. We have Park Hopper Passes left over from our last trip, so we decided it would be a nice couple of days away. I have spent almost a week researching the BEST places to eat and all...and then my darling husband decided to wait until the last minute to call for reservations. We did get in to all the places I wanted...just not at the times we'd hoped. It should be fun though!

When we get back I have a party to go to and then my Dad comes in town. Yep. My to do list is scary. I have over 200 items in Google Reader to read. The furniture my Dad is coming to paint? It is still full of things that need to be emptied. Towels and sheets from the last house guests? In the hamper. Finding that last bit of fabric for the baby's room needed before paint colors can be selected? We won't even go there!

But you know what?

I'm going to Disney World!

It will all wait until we get back. I have a plan to give my dad and grandfather. (As project manager for the nursery conversation this is what I've been told my job entails.) There is furniture to pick up and a wall downstairs that can be fixed while I catch up on the rest. I rescheduled (again) my ESOL certification test so that is one less thing to think about. It will all get done.

So, I apologize if I am not in touch. I have a very important date with my husband and a mouse!

Now to start packing...


Agate Lake Girl said...

Have fun. Can't wait to hear the details when you get back!

Agate Lake Girl said...

My word verification was spentum - I hope that means you two didn't "spentum" too much money. he he

MN Mom said...

Loved looking at all the pictures posted in the last few blogs. You are looking preggo. Have fun can't wait to see you when i get back to FL. Hi to the Irishman too.