Thursday, July 16, 2009

Night Afternoon at the Museum

The Irishman has been obsessed about seeing Transformers. He has been making this noise that is supposed to be the sound of the machines transforming...nonstop. Every time we ask what we should be do for the day, he makes the sound.

Yesterday was the first day of stay-cation without a doctor appointment. We headed down to the local museum where they happened to be showing Transformers on the IMAX. It was only an extra 4 dollars to add admission to the museum to the IMAX ticket, so we had some time to look around before the show started.
We looked through the Florida habitat exhibits and played with the aquarium settings on our cameras. The Irishman tried to act interested. He really only had one thing on his mind!
The flight exhibit was a hit. We all enjoyed "flying the planes." (We may or may not have chased away small children in our eagerness...) At last it was time for the show. I can say with confidence that he enjoyed it more than the girls and I did, but I might be willing to admit that his Transformer noise is closer than I thought it would be!
Yesterday we also picked some onions and a turnip from the garden. They were a bit smaller than we'd hoped for, but that's okay. We added the onions to the potato soup in the crock pot and had a feast waiting for us when we got home! It was a successful day!


Sarah said...

Mmm potato soup, yum! We saw Transformers on IMAX too but we didn't get a museum with it.

I noticedthat you have Janet Evanovich on your bookshelf-I am waiting impatiently to borrow Finger Lickin' Fifteen from my mom.

Leslie said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

MN Mom said...

Can't wait to get back to Fl and work on your baby quilt! such cute stuff your getting.

Kellie said...

Potato soup is yummy! Especially with homegrown veggies:) Hope you enjoyed Transformers! I don't think I'll be dragged to see it since my hubby can go with his Army buddies.

Agate Lake Girl said...

I ca't wait to see Transformers! I loved the first one. But now that I have no babysitter, it'll probably be a while.