Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, it is officially day one of Stay-cation 2009. The Irishman has two weeks off. He can only roll over 5 days after August, so he needed to take the days now before they disappeared! We'd thought about taking a small trip with his sisters somewhere in the state but have decided to stay home and enjoy South Florida instead.

So far it has been a productive day! I had my monthly doctor's appointment this morning. Our little girl is doing well and the doctor was please so see I have "finally gained some weight." I am 23 weeks and up about 15 pounds.

Another thing I learned this morning? You can see Baby's R Us from the doctors' office. The Irishman and I stopped there after the appointment so I could get his opinion on a few things I'd been researching. I am almost ready to register...that is in my "Stay-cation plan."

From there we went and met with a rep from HR to go over my maternity benefits. I think it is a little better than what we'd feared thought. We have a lot of figures to play with. Thankfully we also have time some time! So far the plan is to work as late as I can before the baby comes. From there is is a matter of figuring out how much time I can afford to take.

We also went and met with a parent of a former student of mine. She has her own business and makes BEAUTIFUL embroidered gifts. We are a bit behind in our gift giving, so it was great to place an order to get caught up.

Now we are back home. June and Christina, two of the Irishman's sisters, are in town. They enjoyed some time at the pool this morning and are off at the mall now. The Irishman and making homemade spaghetti sauce using my mom's recipe. It smells great so far!

A quick request to any Disney experts out there:
The Irishman and I have two day park hopper passes. We are thinking about taking a trip next week for our anniversary. My thought was to stay on property so that we can make it a nice leisurely trip. Any thoughts on places to stay? (The budget is looking like the moderate resorts with Florida resident rates are our target.) Restaurants? (I love lunch at the French place in Epcot! What else haven't we discovered yet?) Tips for Disney when pregnant? Are we crazy for thinking this is a good idea? Any thoughts are welcome!

As for now, it is nap time! Happy Summer!


The Coble's said...

I think you should go to disney and have so much fun!!! You might get hot, but the have lots of places to cool off.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Inside Disney, we stayed at the cheap All-Star Hotel. Very cheesy, but if you're only planning on hitting the parks and don't need fancy amenities, it was great. Loved the cafeteria breakfasts - they had everything (personal fave: mickey mouse waffles).

Outside Disney, we stayed at the Omni at Championsgate (or something like that). Fabulous! More spendy, but beautiful rooms (with fresh chocolate chip cookies every night!), great pool and lazy river and swanky restaurants on site. I can't wait to go back one of these days...