Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disney: The Parks

Well, better late than never! I am taking a break from my to do list. The unpaid workers have returned to Montana. The nursery is now green, the furniture is in Grandpa's garage painted a darker shade of green, and I am sitting at the computer desk where there was once a wet bar. The Irishman set up the crib last night. It is only missing the mattress and the baby. There is a lot to do and will be many pictures to follow, but I wanted to share the pictures from our Disney trip first!

We went to Orlando to use up two-day Park Hopper Passes we had from a previous visit. Now, the Irishman and I have been known to take Park Hopping to the extreme. A few Christmases ago we did Animal Kingdom (once), Epcot (once), MGM (twice), and Magic Kingdom (twice) all in one day. This time, we did things a bit more leisurely!

We took advantage of the extra hour we got for staying on property and started at Magic Kingdom. We had a great time and even rode a few rides we hadn't done before. Thunder Mountain is the Irishman's favorite so he rode that one without me. We left just as the crowds and the heat arrived!
We went to Epcot a total of three times in two days! We had two dining reservations there and then made a special trip back our last night to ride SOARIN'. We walked around the countries and stayed for Illuminations one night. EPCOT has some of our favorites.
The Irishman has always liked the Muppets. (There is a story about when he was a child and he ripped Muppets wallpaper from a friend's bedroom wall...) He has decided that he would LOVE to get Muppet puppets for the baby. I have not seen them anywhere. That did not stop him from looking...everywhere! As a compromise, he bought a stuffed Fozzie Bear from Hollywood Studios for the baby. We also waited in line for the new Toy Story ride. I have always been a bit of a Toy Story fan, so it was worth it!
The one thing we did NOT get to do was the American Idol Experience. Now, the Irishman has been doing this thing all summer where he pretends to be Simon Cowell and he says, "SORRY!" In fact when his sisters were here he cut out a picture of Simon and would hold it up to his face to say, "Sorry!" Our lunch and dinner reservations didn't allow us to attend the American Idol Experience, but we did find this background to photograph. (One of us had a little more fun with this than the other...)
All in all it was a GREAT trip. We took a lot of breaks and ate a lot of good food. (More about that in another post...)


Mememememeeeee said...

Those pics are awesome! I haven't been to Disney in11 years...it still looks like a blast!

Michelle said...

Hahaha, love it! The Fozie Bear is adorable! I love that you have him in pictures with the American Idol background. :) Your favorites are also some of my favorites. :) I'm glad you guy's had such a great time!