Friday, September 19, 2008

The Weekend At Last!

It has been a LONG week. I am ready for a weekend. A nice lazy weekend. Morgan and I were hoping to not leave the house today, but the cats are out of food and I fear Rafa may start eating our toes if the food bowl gets empty!

I have to pick up my compost bin from Ace Hardware. I've been doing some research so that I will do it right. I am a little scared of a compost disaster. I am really looking forward to shredding and composting junk mail. Morgan killed the shredder a few months back so we have a rather large basket full of papers that need to be destroyed.

Speaking of compost, I am most disappointed that I did not get more comments from my worm post. Really...I know you read this. People reference things they've read on my blog. I have the little map that shows the dots. Leave me a note. Please?

And I will leave you with an updated worm picture. We have fed them a slightly rotten cucumber, apples, spinach, egg shells, and other snack "left overs." The cucumber is now nothing but skin. When I fed them after school on Friday they were digging into the apple.

You can see my yellow gloved fingers pulling back the top cover to expose their little red bodies eating away. My friend Lyndsay stopped by my classroom Friday and admitted that there really is no smell from the Can-O-Worms. Pretty impressive considering I have 4 lbs of worms and 2 pounds of food waste buried in there!

On that note, I need to go pull Morgan away from the TV so we can get some dinner. The Ryder Cup is on and it isn't look so good for the Europeans. I have been giving him a hard time about their outfits. His friends from across the pond are wearing bright turquoise shirts and white pants. They are so bad they distract you from the "oh so exciting" game of golf. Maybe it's just me...

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Michelle said...

I think your worms are great! I think it's a clever idea especially for a classroom. What do your students think? Are they still excited about it? Will they start smelling more later?