Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my mom's birthday. I think the best gift she got was her power back! After a couple of hours with electricity last Sunday, her house went dark again until yesterday. This time she saw the crews out fixing it so let's hope this is for good!

I've mailed her gifts, but they did not get there in time. I'm disappointed, but it is what it is! Here is the slide show I made for her last year. Mom got two tattoos for her big 5-0 and wanted me to get a tattoo with her. This was my reply:

She enjoyed our tattoos - even if they did wash off...

Today the boys sent her birthday greetings. It is pretty sad when the cats are more punctual than their owner. I think it is funny that it is actually my mom's handwriting. They'd climbed in the box that previously contained my birthday present!

First sweet ol' Moses...

and then with Rafa in the way.

Happy Birthday Momma from ALL of us!

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Michelle said...

The pictures of your cats are adorable. And what a great way to tell your mom happy birthday! :)