Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Update on Mom

I will confess that I got up at 5am and watched the news coverage online from all three major Houston stations. I may also have also been switching between the national networks. Don't judge me - it is my mom we are talking about. The damage to the Clear Lake Hilton is impressive - it seems crazy that we were just there a few weeks ago.

I have not had any direct contact with my mom, but I have learned enough to say with confidence that she is okay.

Exhibit #1: I decided to send Jason a text instead of Mom because he has access to a generator at the fire station and I think he also has a car charger. Our text message conversation looked something like this:
Me: So?
Jason: I am working my "butt"(word replaced to keep blog PG) off. Lots of damage.
Me: Any word on mom?
(30 minute pause. Not good for my nerves!)
Jason: She is fine. Lost the fence on the neighbors side

Exhibit #2: Julie called me in a panic this morning to see if I'd heard anything. While I was on the phone with her she got a text message from Mom. It read,
"Ome sife of fence down. Loads of btancrs."
I used my teacher decoding skills to guess that the last word was branches.

Exhibit #3: Conversations with Uncle Ken reveal that Mom sent him a text message at 3:17am saying that she was going to move to Maine. They exchanged a few other messages. The last one was something about how she'd lost electricity and would not be nearly as hot if all those animals didn't insist on sleeping on her.

Exhibit #4: Julie said she talked to mom. Julie was on her way to work, so all I got was a text that said, "she just called a few minutes ago." However given Julie's previous frantic desire for more information, I can trust the calm response is a good sign.

So thank you for the prayers. I know the lack of power and such is going to be hard, but at least they are okay! Now let's hope Mr. Fireman stays safe as he works his "butt" off!

** New update: I was in Whole Foods after Mass Sunday and got a text from Mom that says," I've got the power!" I cannot get through on the phone, but I am going to guess that means they have power back, which would be MOST impressive!

** I just spoke with Mom and she is thrilled to have power again! She said they were VERY lucky. She drove into the office this afternoon. There is SO much damage around, even in the neighborhood. I guess God was looking out for her!

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Karen said...

I'm glad your mom and Jason are okay... I stayed up until almost three watching stuff, then got up again fairly early, so you weren't the only one glued to the television.