Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'd Rather a Trip to the Dentist

Here is the first of two posts about last weekend. This is actually part two, but I want to end on a positive note so it has to come first.

I despise, passionately hate, dislike, tolerate the Kennedy Space Center. I cannot tell you what it is about it that I have such a problem with. To be fair, I feel the same about the Johnson Space Center. Morgan begs to go each time we go to Houston. I have gotten out of it each time. Space is not my thing. I like the movie Apollo 13. That is about it.

A little over a year a go my father-in-law decided he wanted us to take a trip up to the space center. I tried everything to get out of it. It didn't work. We went. I tolerated it.

Robert wanted to go to the Space Center last weekend. Morgan and I had been so busy with work that I felt bad that we hadn't spent much time with him. I somehow agreed to spend my Labor Day at KSC.

We almost got killed on the way there. All joking aside, an SUV two cars in front of us swerved and then flipped multiple times right in front of us. We pulled over to the side of the road right next to the debris from the first time it flipped. I think all three of us stopped breathing. The lady driving the SUV miraculously walked away. There were already a few other cars that had stopped and people out on their cell phones so we drove on. I did really start to doubt WHY we were making the drive at this point!

We got to KSC at about 1pm. It costs $40 for each adult. That is a lot of money for looking at old rockets. I am not seeing the draw. We did the bus tour. The elevator was broken at the observation tower, so I let the guys go without me. At the Apollo/Saturn V Center handed Morgan the camera and I went off to wander around on my own. I looked over and saw Morgan lying on the ground. He was trying to get a picture of Robert with the rocket behind him. It was a good shot, but seriously!

We decided to skip the International Space Station portion of the bus tour due to time. We went on the new Shuttle Launch Experience ride. Morgan was a little weary after his Mission: Space experience the day before (that will be in the next post) but it was a pretty neat ride. After that we walked through the rocket garden. I guilted the guys into posing at each of the cheesy rocket seats. I think it was the "I almost go killed coming here for you today" that did it.

The highlight of the day was a stop at Cracker Barrel on the way back home. I think that says it all.

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Mememememeeeee said...

That's funny! I hate the space center too! I haven't been since they opened space center houston. I'm sorry you had to subject yourself to that day of torture. :o)