Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celebrating Spain

Morgan spent summers growing up in Spain. My father-in-law would drive his wife and six kids to Spain and they would stay there while he went back to Ireland to work. He would join them again later in the summer. They would rent an apartment and spend their days on the beach. Morgan has a number of stories about time spent in Spain.

Morgan is also a big soccer fan. That is probably not worded strongly enough, but for now it will do. The UEFA Euro 2008 has been on for the last couple of weeks. Ireland did not qualify, so Morgan made Spain his team for the competition. (Due to both summers spent vacationing there and the fact that a number of Liverpool players play on the Spanish National team.)

So..Morgan decided that we would have a Spanish Day today. The most important part of course was watching the game. He also used this as an excuse to make a paella for dinner. His father perfected paella after many trips to Spain and Morgan has worked hard to follow in his father's footsteps. This was much smaller than previous paellas he has made. (It was also missing the squid and mussels - we usually add those to the mix)

As it turns out, Spain won the game and Fernando Torres scored the winning goal. Torres plays for Liverpool and has been a big name in our house for a while. Morgan named the cat after the Spanish Liverpool manager. It is a good thing we are not adding any other pets or small children any time soon...Fernando O'Sullivan just doesn't sound right!

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Rachel said...

I love paella! It reminds me of my high school spanish class. The food was the best part of that class!