Monday, June 23, 2008

Looking Back: Sydney (Part One)

We spent eight days in Sydney, so this one is going to be in two parts. Morgan wrote both of these e-mails, so he is responsible for both the wording and the lack of capitalization. = )

We arrived in Sydney safely after a shaky flight and were pleased to see beautiful, but cold weather greet us... the tv reports had prepared us for almost hurricane LIKE STORMS! Sorry, this keyboard is hopeless!

Sydney Opera House

All else is well here. We flew over the opera house and bridge from the plane and we will venture out tomorrow. Our hotel room has the most amazing view of Darling harbour, and we are both really excited about venturing out in the morning.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Happy Birthday to Robert on Thursday and we hope your exams have gone well. I hope my parents (morgan here) arrived home safe and sound and we send our best to all.

morgan and jenny
E-mail #2:
Greetings to all,
Another day from Sydney has gone by and gone really well.
We made it to the Olympic stadium today and did a few laps of the Olympic pool.

The Olympic Pool

After a few laps

After that we ventured off to an Australian Rules Football game in the Olympic stadium. There was a terrific atmosphere and 80,000 people in attendance.

Telstra Stadium

It was too cold for wet hair!
Tomorrow we are off to see an international music festival in the Sydney Opera house, which we are both looking forward to. We also plan on walking across the harbour bridge, and also visiting the botanical gardens, so it should be quite a day!

View from Botanical Gardens
The last few days have flown by and we have definitely done a lot more walking than we usually would do. Jenny has even had to replace her running shoes.

Our first full day in Sydney brought us to the city Zoo. The views were amazing and the animals were great too. It was probably the best zoo either of us has ever visited.

We waited for this shot!

The next day we got a train and bus out to Bondi beach. We then took the coastal walk all of the way to Coogee beach, where the views over the cliffs were spectacular. We also managed to see lots of Aussies surfing!

Bondi Beach
(I stopped a surfer to ask for this picture!)

Morgan admiring the view

Sunset along the walk
We hope that all is well in your corner of the world,
more updates soon,

morgan and jenny

Part two to come soon.
Here is the link to the rest of the pictures:

Sydney, Summer 2007

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