Saturday, June 14, 2008

Looking Back: Cairns

We are looking back at the second stop on our Aussie trip from last summer. After four days in Brisbane, we flew north to Cairns. The weather there was a bit warmer - more like a Florida winter. Here are the e-mails and pictures!

The pool at our hotel


So much for not being in touch. My husband gets a bit antsy when he has not checked the internet too long...he may not drink, but I think he has a problem! = )

The Rainforest

He ran out of sites to check so I said I'd send a quick update. We are in Cairns until Monday. We did the rainforest thing yesterday It was really neat. We took a cable car thing up and saw the tops of the trees and the mountains in the clouds.

The Train

When we got to the top we spend a little too long in a little town while waiting for the train ride back to town. The train ride back we went past some waterfalls which was neat.

The view from the train

Today we' planned on going to the reef, but it is still a bit rough at sea. We are hoping for better tomorrow! We did laundry and went into town where we found a market. We are going to Mass tonight in hopes that we will be on a boat tomorrow morning!

Cairns Esplanade

More updates in time...likely sooner rather than later...we pay for 20 minutes of internet at a time...and Morgan can't miss a day! = )

Take care & God bless,

Jenny & Morgan

Looking back, we must not have sent a second Cairns e-mail. Even though it was still a bit rough, we did go the the Great Barrier Reef on our last day in Cairns. We were both looking a bit green in the face on the ride out there. It was pretty bad!

On the boat

Finally though we stopped and went snorkeling. It was a dull day and a cheap camera, so the colors are not the best. Regardless, it was amazing! The reef was just so BIG!

The Reef

My Reef Shark

What impressed me most was that I saw a reef shark. I can now say that I went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and saw a shark. My third graders were impressed! (Although I waited until we were back on the boat to tell Morgan - he was not too impressed to have been in the water with it!)

Again I've uploaded the rest of the pictures to an album. Feel free to look if you are interested!

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Rachel said...

What a neat idea to re-live your vacations! One of these days we'll have to take a girls trip to a neat destination.