Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking Back: Ayers Rock

My looking back posts are taking almost as long as the three week vacation! I've survived the first week of summer school though and I think the next couple should be easier. So here we go...

I must say the view as you get off the plane in Ayers rock is amazing! We walked off the plane and saw the red rock in the distance.

Walking back to the hotel from the store
We went to our hotel and booked our transportation. From there we went to a supermarket to buy breakfast and lunches. (The Aussies all have tea making facilities and a fridge in the room so that helps!)

Waiting for Sunset

We will just see the sunset tonight and will be out again tomorrow...

You could watch the colors change

I hope all is going well! Internet is more expensive here, lol so keeping it short!

Jenny & Morgan

The rest of the trip was covered in an e-mail from Sydney. Morgan was having Internet withdrawal, so he was the one to write the first e-mail from Sydney. Here are the relevant parts:


We have arrived in Sydney after an amazing couple of days at Ayers Rock. We stayed in a wonderful hotel / apartment that was about 15 minutes from Ayers Rock itself.

Ayers Rock/Uluru

We saw a beautiful sunset, sunrise and also spent time walking around it. The scenery was amazing. We also took a day trip to the Olgas, which many say is more spectacular than the rock itself. We decided to be adventurous and go for the Valley of the Winds.... and was it windy!!!

The pictures we took were fantastic and we did more walking and hill climbing / steep , VERY steep climbing than we had in a long while.

We followed this up with a big treat for the two of Australian Buffet with Kangaroo and crocodile amongst other Aussie treats on the menu.

Valley of the Winds Walk

...and that catches you up to the last stop on our vacation down under. We are a little behind schedule. Morgan and I realized last night that exactly one year ago we were already in Sydney. Crazy to think it has been a year already!

Click below to see the rest of our Ayers Rock Pictures.

Ayers Rock Summer 2007

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