Friday, March 21, 2008

Lent and a Good Friday

I read a great article in the Florida Catholic a few weeks ago about how so many of us are trying to do too much. It was called Memo to Marthas: ‘There is need of only one thing’ and I was drawn to it because Martha is my confirmation name. It couldn't have come at a better time!

By the end of January, I was rather run down. We went to Ireland for a wedding in October and I returned home to have knee surgery two weeks later. I was still going to physical therapy two times a week when Grandma Jo went into the hospital. After we got back from Christmas in Ireland, the month of January was blur. Mom was here for all but 4 days in January. Grandma Jo passed away on January 29. Together with Uncle Ken and Mom, we had to pack up her apartment and take care of things.

As February began, our house was a mess. We were tired and worn out. It was rough going. As Lent began, I tried to think of something to "give up." I felt like I was out of things to give. In the past few years though, Morgan and I have tried to take on a new habit instead of giving something up for Lent. We've heard many homilies on the topic.

At about the same time, I read Heather's blog about FlyLady. I was quite skeptical, but I signed up for the e-mails and I shined my sink. The February "new habit" was decluttering for 15 minutes a day. When we were done emptying my Grandmother's apartment, I could barely walk into my house - decluttering really made a difference.

So I decided that for Lent this year I would clean my house. Not just 'good enough to get by' clean, but 'not hiding anything' clean. I gave myself Easter as a target. We even have offered to have Easter dinner at our house. My grandparents and Colleen are planning on joining us.

My morning routines are in place - I do a load of laundry a day so that is now under control. We plan menus and put the mail and the dishes away without letting them pile up. The Christmas lights we put on the verandas have finally been taken down. The FlyLady is great - I have recommended it to several friends! Morgan laughs about it, but I think secretly he is a fan.

Life got hectic and things piled up on us. Like the article I felt like there were too many balls in the air and it was a matter of time before things fell apart. This Lent I have learned to stay focused and become more of a single task-er. I am back to my lists and am taking things one step at a time. It really has been a renewing experience.

On a lighter note, there is nothing more renewing than a day off work. Morgan and I have had a nice day. We went to an outdoor live Stations of the Cross and then ran errands. Morgan grilled fish for us tonight and we have finalized our menu for Sunday. Now we are going to make the finishing touches on the downstairs and watch a movie. Things are good!


Shannon said...

I'll have to check the FlyLady out. Happy decluttering and Happy Easter! It was fun hanging out on Wednesday - hope you didn't get home too late. :)

Mauree said...

I attempt Flylady too. My only problems are the two little tornadoes that follow me wherever I clean. Any suggestions :)?

The Smith's said...

It is hard to clean when you are working! Now, I just clean one room each day of the week so I don't have to do it all at once! Happy Easter!!

Mememememeeeee said...

Yay for FlyLady! Although I was not happy to come home after being away 1 whole day to a sink full of dishes! I'm glad things are going better for you. :o)