Monday, March 10, 2008

7 Random Facts

I am not sure why 7 is the magic number, but I'll play along too. I had Scouts tonight so I had time to think driving to and from Ft. Lauderdale!

1. I met my husband at summer camp.
It is not as crazy as it sounds, but Morgan and I met working at Kampus Kampers/ Pine Tree Camps. We are one of at least 8 camp romances that are now Mr. & Mrs. (with at least one Mr. & Mr.)!

2. I have been a Girl Scout for 21 years.
I started as a Brownie in first grade and have been involved since. I have been a troop leader, cookie 'mom,' camp counselor, etc. Lately one meeting a month as an OGF advisor is enough!

3. Our house is decorated with pictures we've taken on our travels.
We have framed many of our favorite travel photos and have them up around the house. Here are some of my favorites:

4. Morgan and I teach 8th Grade Confirmation Classes.
We thought it would be nice to teach CCD so we volunteered thinking we would get a nice elementary class. Instead for the second year in a row we have the Confirmation class. We enjoy it, but it is a challenge! Every time we start to question if we want to continue the Holy Spirit steps in and reminds us that it is worth it - a student thanking us, a dove landing on the car get the idea!

5. I am very organized electronically, but cannot file a paper to save my life!
All of my electronic files are organized neatly into folders. I can find what I need quickly and easliy. Paper is another story. (I am working on this -more on that later!)

6. Beware of the Hiccups!
I have a reputation for curing my students' hiccups with a scare. I started during student teaching. My class thought it was fun. While subbing I made a kindergartner cry doing this and swore off the scare. That is until the same student was brought to me a few weeks later asking to have the hiccups scared out of her! Each year my current class writes a note to my next class. They always write, "Beware of the hiccups!"

7. My favorite animals are sheep, giraffes, and frogs.
This is a bit lame, but I need to go to bed so it will have to do. When Morgan and I were doing the long distance thing he always sent me pictures of old "traditional" Ireland. Thatched roofs, sheep, etc. He gave me a sheep that sings, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" that I used to play when I missed him. My in-laws have kept up the sheep thing. I even put up a bulletin board at school this month with word problems titled, "There is more to 3rd Grade than Counting Sheep."

I am not sure where the giraffe thing came from, but I spent at least an hour at the Sydney Zoo trying to get a picture of the giraffes with the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge in the background. They are just such odd animals!

My school persona collects frogs. I created Finn & Fran - world traveling frogs. They have traveled to over 15 countries and Lord only knows how many states. They send my class mail and have even been featured on a local news station. Needless to say, I have been given frogs galore! My favorite is a frog tape dispenser!

So there you have it - 7 random things about me!


Mauree said...

Welcome to Blogworld!

Rachel said...

I never knew about your favorite animals. Thanks for posting those things about yourself.

Debbie said...

I'm here from Miss Elaineous. My husband teaches either confirmation or First Eucharist classes each year. He loves the sacrament years.