Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'll Give it a Shot

I'll give Rachel credit for this. I have enjoyed reading her blog and from there I found links to a number of others. I love reading about your cute little families. Then Shannon mentioned blogging in her Christmas letter, so I bookmarked that one as well. I have enjoyed keeping up with everyone's lives. So here goes...

(The quick summary)

I live in South Florida with a very charming Irishman named Morgan.

We have no children (yet) but we adopted Rafa last April. (Adopted on the condition that he be named for the Liverpool FC Manager.)

We have recently taken in Moses, my Grandma Jo's cat. He and Rafa really are the best. My boys make me so happy!

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Rachel said...

Hi Jenny! Welcome to Blogger. You'll have to post some pictures from warm, sunny Florida. We are ready for Spring around here