Friday, March 14, 2008

All Kinds of Everything

We are just home for the night. This is an abnormal Friday night! We are usually asleep by now. There was a concert at St. Joan by Dana, a Catholic singer from Ireland. Morgan had no interest in going, but the Confirmation class had a block of seats together so we went to join our class. Thankfully two of our students showed up. (Although I think they may be a couple and it may have been a middle school 'date' - he did slip his arm over her shoulders as the lights dimmed)

She sang several songs we knew which was nice. (All Kinds of Everything is the song she won the Eurovision contest with and the song that Morgan has started to sing any time anyone says her name!) During intermission though sneaky 'arm over the shoulder guy' said he didn't know any of the songs - it seemed to him that they were songs that old people knew. I had to laugh because Morgan and I sang along with all the Irish songs. He quickly retracted the comment and assured us that we were not the old people he meant!

Morgan managed to do a 3 mile fun run in the rain after work and still get to the concert by just after 6:30. After coming straight from work, we were ready for food by the time Dana finished! We stopped at Red Lobster before heading home.

My brother and his girlfriend are on their way to my house right now. They started the 19 hour drive this evening (a day earlier than expected) and anticipate getting in tomorrow afternoon. (Jason drives a bit faster than the rest of us!) Morgan and I are going to tidy up the guest room in the morning, but we had to chuckle. There was one thing we hadn't thought about.

Grandma Jo's remains live in the guest room. We do not really have anywhere else in the house for them to go. We are going to eventually spread her ashes at the lake by her apartment, but we are waiting until all of the family can get together to do that. For now GJo watches over my shoulder as I type. I haven't told Jason that he and his girlfriend are staying in GJo's room. I can't wait to see the look on his face! I guess that is one way to be sure they behave!

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Mememememeeeee said...

Hahahaha! I love it! Joe's g-pa sits on top of a nice cabinet in g'mas living is a bit strange, but we got use to it! Tell Jason I said hi!