Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunrise

We'd arranged to go the the Easter Sunrise Mass with our friends John and Laura. Last night as the skies opened up we all looked at the weather reports and it said it would rain until Monday. John and Laura were not going to chance it this year. Morgan and I set an alarm and said we would see what the weather looked like when we got up.

During Mass the priest said that he did not have an umbrella and he hoped that none of us did - o ye of little faith! It was a bit cloudy, but we had sunrise Mass on the beach. It is such a nice way to celebrate!

While the sunrise was not as impressive as it has been in years past, it really is something special! I love the feel of the sand between my toes and the sound of the waves crashing as I listen to the word of God! (It is worth getting up early for!)

We are back home now and Morgan has gone off this morning with Dave to see the Liverpool/Man U game. The game is not on TV, so he has to find a place to watch it. This is a big deal. Dave is a Man U fan - this can either end very well or...I don't even want to think about it! Last year we came home to find a Man U poster on our front door. (Which was returned slightly vandalized) Liverpool needs this win!

We are having Easter dinner for eight (GB, GB, Uncle Lee, Colleen, Amy, & her boyfriend Juan) this afternoon. Morgan had his heart set on cooking lamb, but no one else really eats lamb, so we decided to do both lamb and ham. (Try repeating that to all the family) After some adventures in buying ham, we are on track for an Easter feast.

I have the tables set up with new tablecloths I found when cleaning. I am off to to take down the good china and bake Deceptively Delicious chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas. I feel blessed!

Happy Easter!


Shannon said...

Thanks for the great pics! Glad the weather held out for you all.

Rachel said...

What a neat Easter service on the beach! I'm glad ya'll had such a great day.