Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Today is Morgan's 30th birthday! He is on the phone with his sister in Ireland now. Thankfully the clocks there have not changed so the time difference is only 4 hours now. Two siblings called last night at 8pm because it was already March 12th in Ireland. I think he has talked to 3 sisters and one brother - just one left to go.

As I cleaned this week I found some window chalk that I think my father gave me years ago. I got the idea to write birthday wishes with it. My first plan was to write on the windows outside, but I couldn't manage it this morning. At the last minute I wrote birthday wishes on the mirrored closet doors. I sent Morgan upstairs to get my cell phone as we dashed out the door this morning. I actually had the phone in my purse but wanted him to see the notes. He shouted down that he couldn't find it so I told him to look by my side of the bed. He dialed my phone and discovered that it was in my purse downstairs. As he walked down the stairs he confessed that he thought I might have had a birthday surprise waiting for him upstairs! He missed it completely! I told him it was the best I could do and he went back upstairs to discover the messages. I'd said before that he is not the most observant person, but that was something else!

We are about to grill some steaks and head over to our friends' house. Lyndsay is pregnant with twins and on bed rest. Morgan and Dave share a birthday (although Morgan is the younger of the two), so we said we would bring over the dinner. So I guess I will make that "Happy Birthday Morgan & Dave!"

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