Monday, November 26, 2012

The Christmas Poster

When Caitlin was born in 2009, we created what we felt was a great Christmas card.


As a result, when it came to creating a card for 2010, we spent a little bit of time planning it out. Ultimately, we took so many photos and each had their own little story. There was one photo that Jenny took, that we were so impressed with that we turned it into a poster.

IMG_0104-2 - Copy-2

The Santa Suit purchased for 5 Euro in Tesco’s really has proved a shrewd investment.  The biggest complaint that we heard about the photo above was that Jenny did not make it into the picture (But someone had to stand behind the lens!). We would have to remedy that the following year. And so we turned to our friend Ruth, who has taken some amazing photographs over the last couple of years. She offered to take photos for our Christmas card last year. We love how you can see how Caitlin has grown up over the 12 months, and is now joined by Sean!


This weekend, we decided to continue with the same trend…


(Obviously this was a guest post by the Irishman. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and home and life right now so he stepped up for blogging duty on his favorite topic of all - Christmas photos! Thank you babe!)


Ruthie said...

Love it!!!!

Ruthie said...

Love it!!! Keep the tradition ALIVE!