Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween at Mommy’s School

Our school Halloween Carnival was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. It actually suited me. I was trying to figure out how I was going to handle taking both kids by myself while the Irishman and his parents were on their cruise. Instead it became part of Caitlin’s birthday weekend celebrations!


We’d planned to make it a family event, but Sean had tubes put in his ears the day before and we were afraid it would be too loud and late for him. Caitlin didn’t mind a special night for just the two of us. She LOVES coming to Mommy’ school.


(Side note: Miss Lyndsay also works at the same school. After swim lessons a couple of weeks back she jokingly asked that I please tell my daughter that it is Miss Lyndsay’s school, too. It seems she told Caitlin she heard she’d been at her school earlier in the day, and Caitlin said,” NO! MOMMY’S school!”)


The Spooky Fishing was a BIG hit. She’d have stayed there all night!




The mini golf was a little too hard for her, but she tried it anyway. I didn’t get a picture of the duck pond or the pig races. She loved all the little games!

Her little bag was full of goodies by the end of the night!


Caitlin wasn’t quite ready for Halloween to be over on the 31st. It was nice to have one last chance to dress up and have fun!

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