Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Funnies

This picture is from two weeks ago. Nana and Granda were talking with the Irish nun and the kids were having a blast looking around the from of the church after Mass.

photo 10

This week was the food drive. We made a point of carrying the food over and letting Caitlin see them load it on the truck. She was a little concerned that we were giving away her beloved mac and cheese, but we convinced her that we could get more.

photo 11

On the way back to the car an older lady stopped us and told us our children are beautiful. She continued to tell us that she has SIX grandsons. She was holding her hands above her heads to indicate that they are all older and quite tall.


Caitlin didn’t skip a beat and replied,

“I just have two cats.”

I love that kid!

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