Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween: School

The kids’ day care has a Halloween Parade. The kids come in regular clothes and change into (and then out of) their costumes. With the cool front and the whims of my children I’d packed two costumes for each. I was looking forward to getting pictures sent to me from the Irishman to see the end result.

This is Dino Sean. The headband ROARS and is a hit with the little guy.

photo 122

We have lots of these headband/tail combos that I found on clearance at Michaels. I wore the monkey version with my Halloween shirt. = )

photo 123

Caitlin was set on being a ballerina. Daddy *might* have put her tutu on upside down. He did a nice job though!

photo 127

The costume is the one Auntie Julie wore in her dance recital when she was 5. Caitlin is tall and Aunt Julie…is not!  The shoes I bought a while back and Caitlin has fallen in love with them. She calls them her “tippy toes” and dances around the house wearing them.

photo 125

In the end I bought a t-shirt and a pair of tights for their costumes and used what we already had in the dress up bin. They loved it!