Wednesday, November 21, 2012


There was a Christmas festival/carnival/thing last weekend in our area. They’d advertised SNOW and Caitlin was SO excited. She saw dust in the sunlight the other day and tried to convince me it was snowing. The kid is obsessed with snow this year!


Honestly the"snow" was sad even by Florida standards. Caitlin didn’t complain, though one five minute turn in the slushy ice was enough for her!



There was an attempt at making a teeny tiny snowman, but the other children knocked him down.



I love all the beach toys they had for the kids to use. I recognize some of them from the clearance bin at Target.



I’ve heard it could be "snowing" again at a tree lighting on Friday. We *might* try again!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

At least it looks slushy. Of the two snow events we hit last year: one was foam and one was like fine styrofoam beads. :)